Accepted Abstracts

Plenary 1: Public Health Responses – Enhancing University Roles
Public Health Responses – Enhancing University roles
Public Health Response for Injury Prevention – Enhancing University Role
Antimicrobial Resistance: Is the Glass Half Full or Empty?
Plenary 2: Future Public Health Training
What are the Challenges? What Might the Solutions Look Like?
The Future of Public Health Training
Plenary 3: 4.0 Industrial Revolution in Public Health
Public Health Intelligence towards a Healthier Population
Towards Public Health Genomics: Are We Ready?
Plenary 4: Community Empowerment – Knowledge Transfer
Community Empowerment – Taiwan Experience
Empowering Marginalized Urban Islanders through Tuberculosis Detections and Community Dots Treatment by Using Modified IMCI Tools in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Community-Oriented Primary Care: A Community Empowerment Project in Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Symposium 1: Infectious Diseases – Tuberculosis and HIV
Tuberculosis and HIV
HIV and Tuberculosis Co-Infection – Current Trend and Global Health Impact
The Grip of Tuberculosis in Sabah
Symposium 2: Non-Communicable Diseases
Breast Cancer Survival after Cancer Screening Intervention in Taiwan
Involving Young People to Combat Non-Communicable Diseases
Symposium 3: Occupational and Environmental Health
Training of Occupational Health Specialists in Malaysia
Occupational Health Services: Protecting Workers through Primary Health Care / a Vital Component in Primary Health Care
Should We Stop Eating Seafood in Sabah? Seafood Mercury Concentration and Dietary Intake Advice: A Review
Symposium 4: Universal Health Coverage
Shrink the Universal Health Coverage Cube
Universal Health Coverage in Malaysia
Universal Health Coverage and Public Health
Symposium 5: Bioethics and Health Law
Policy Surveillance and Using Health Law as a Tool for Further Actions
Comparative Analysis of Domestic Health Law in Western Pacific Region
Impact of New Regulations on Heath Reforms in Public Health
Symposium 6: Health Promotion and Capacity Building
Building Capacity for Global, National and Local Health Promotion
Health Promotion and Capacity Building: Investing in Organizational Capacity Building for Chronic Disease Prevention
Partnerships in Health Promotion: The Malaysian Experience
Develop National Capacity for Tobacco Control: Experience from Taiwan
Public Health Forum: Regional Perspective on Current Public Health Trend
Public Health Forum: Regional Perspective on Current Public Health Trends
One Health in Public Health Program Curriculum: Transforming Our Workforce
Information Systems Transformation towards UHC, and Role of Health Information Law


Aging and the quality of life (AQ)
OR0001AQ Quality of life among breast cancer patients in a tertiary hospital in Malaysia
OR0002AQ Challenges for promoting volunteer activities at the dementia cafes: a case study of Japan
OR0003AQ The effects of horticultural therapy on the elderly in community
OR0006AQ The epidemiology of frailty among community-dwelling rural older adults in Sri Lanka
OR0007AQ Disability-adjusted life years of elderly depression and research on its risk factors
OR0009AQ Assessing the effectiveness of elderly-healthcare voucher scheme in Hong Kong: planning for computation simulation
OR0010AQ The experience of living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) among the elderly in Northern Sri Lanka
PO0001AQ Quality of life of older adults in rural northern Thailand
PO0002AQ The effectiveness of the customized “health prescription” for senior citizens in Beitou District, Taipei City
PO0004AQ Development of Active Ageing Questionnaire (AAQ) Among the Older Person in Malaysia
PO0005AQ The effectiveness of Taipei City’s elderly health promotion plan
PO0003AQ Accuracy and stability of crossing motion in older adults
PO0006AQ A practical study on the restructuring method of public traffic for aging based on estimation of the sharing traffic in provincial cities
PO0007AQ An analysis of improving the efficiency of emergency transportation by selecting the destination medical institution based on distance traveled and the triage
PO0008AQ Relationship between care burden-feeling and unit plan in the elderly facilities
PO0009AQ A Fundamental study on aggregation and cooperation of village from the actual condition of village function and nursing care service in depopulated area
PO0010AQ “PUSH” program – effective promotion of elders’ participation in volunteer services
PO0012AQ Cross-domain collaboration in reducing tendency for depression among solitary elderly population in Shilin District, Taipei
PO0015AQ Risk factor according to Bradern scale following prevention of pressure ulcer (PU) among acute hospitalized elderly using pharmacologic (Cavilon cream) vs. non-pharmacologic alone: a quasi-experimental study
PO0016AQ Age-defying theme park promotes health
Child and Adolescent Health (CA)
OR0002CA The impact of health education intervention for Chinese college students
OR0003CA Socio-demographic determinants of stunting on adolescent girls in West Sulawesi Indonesia
OR0004CA Premarital sex and its predictors among secondary school students in the Malaysian Borneo
OR0005CA Promoting balance diet among elementary school children through behavioral based nutrition education using MyPlate
OR0006CA Risk and protective factors affecting young people’s sexual and reproductive health in Sabah, Malaysia
OR0007CA Prevalence of overweight or obese and hypertension in children and adolescents in Wuhan
OR0008CA Relationship between mental health status and the cognitive performance among adolescents in Northern Sri Lanka
OR0009CA Effectiveness of a primary school-based intervention in Malaysia
OR0010CA Physical activity related injuries (PARIs) and risk factors among secondary school students in Hong Kong
OR0011CA Association between body weight misperception and eating behaviors among Chinese adolescents
OR0012CA Examining sexual and reproductive health knowledge among secondary school students in East Malaysia
PO0001CA The influence of increased internet use on daily experience of subjective symptoms during adolescence
PO0002CA Risk factors for illicit drug use among Malaysian male adolescents: results from the national health and morbidity survey 2017
PO0003CA Preliminary study of premarital sexual behaviors among street children lives in shelter homes at Malang District, Indonesia
PO0004CA Predictors of prehypertension and hypertension among adolescents: a literature review
PO0005CA Knowledge of mothers with children under 5 years about diarrheal diseases affecting their children, attending to Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura
PO0006CA The influence of learning to read Al-Qur’an using the method At Tartil to the emotional problems of children with autism
PO0008CA Level of physical activity among 10-19 years aged visually or hearing disabled adolescents in the Western Province of Sri Lanka
PO0012CA Exploring the role of school-based education in preventing bullying in high schools in Lombok Island, Indonesia – a qualitative study
PO0015CA Discovering autism child potential using autism parenting application
PO0018CA Demand of sexual knowledge and sexual education situation among undergraduate students in Wuhan University, China
Disaster (DI)
OR0001DI Change in health status, living environment, and emotions of victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: a comparative study of temporary housing residents in Iwate, Japan
OR0004DI Chemical, biological, radio-nuclear (CBRN) emergencies: knowledge and practices of the laboratory workers at medical research institute Sri Lanka
OR0005DI Perception level of technical terms regarding the radiation effect on the human body by healthcare workers of Japan
OR0006DI Individual perception and preparedness of earthquakes based on the Health Belief Model in Tokushima City, Japan
PO0001DI Management and outcome of the waterpark burn disaster victims in Taiwan
PO0002DI Factors related to household disaster preparedness in Myanmar
PO0005DI Disaster mental health research in Malaysia: literature review and identification of the gap of knowledge
PO0006DI Inadequate support in Japan for disaster victims with children with disabilities
PO0007DI Scientific evidence on natural disasters and health emergency and disaster risk management in Asian rural-based area
Dental Hygiene and Oral Cancer Prevention DO)
OR0001DO Oral hygiene practices and associated factors among adults in Malaysia in 2014
PO0002DO Re-estimates burden of dental disease using national health insurance data: sensitivity analysis from 2015 Korean national burden of diseases project
PO0004DO Factors related to the oral health care of patients with type II diabetes mellitus in Khao Sinarin Hospital, Khao Sinarin District, Surin Province, Thailand
Education for Public Health Professionals (ED)
PO0002ED Assessment of long-term impact of the bridging course in the nursing faculty in Cambodia
PO0003ED Oral function-focused nutritional care management for home-based patients/elderlies in Japan
PO0004ED The current undergraduate public health education in the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ghana
Environmental and Occupational Health (EO)
OR0002EO E-WASTE: Are we ready?
OR0004EO Climate change adaptation and mitigation at individual level: capacity assessment of school teachers
OR0005EO Screening of organophosphate and carbamate pesticide residues in vegetables sold in markets and market fairs, Thasala Municipality Area, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
OR0008EO Cardiovascular burden of disease attributable to exposure to ambient PM2.5
OR0010EO Association of rare earth elements in the peripheral blood with the risk of genetic damage in chromate exposure population
OR0011EO Impact of job stress on burnout and compassion fatigue among nurses
OR0012EO Assessment of the infectious waste management practices of Category 2 clinical laboratories in the City of Manila
OR0013EO Doctors’ job satisfaction and its relationships with doctor-patient relationship and work-family conflict in China: a structural equation modeling
OR0014EO Health risk assessment (HRA) in production unit of PT. X
OR0015EO Relationship between levels of trace elements and colorectal cancer risk: a case-control study
OR0016EO Involvement of calcium in 50 Hz magnetic field-induced activation of sphingosine kinase 1
OR0017EO Associations of blood metal exposure with thyroid hormones in Chinese pregnant women: Hangzhou Birth Cohort
OR0020EO The association between fine particulate matter and infant low birth weight in Huangshi, China
OR0021EO Association between relatively low level air pollution exposure and daily outpatient visit in Hubei province, China
OR0022EO Associations of exposure to air pollution with insulin resistance: a systematic review and meta-analysis
OR0023EO Prevalence and associated risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders among nurses in a tertiary hospital in Botswana
OR0025EO Contribution measurement and potential health hazard evaluation of radon bath in Taishun, Zhejiang, China
OR0026EO The modifying effects of regular exercise on the association between organizational justice and psychological well-being in Korean employees
OR0027EO Water quality and E. coli assessment in Sepetang River, Matang Mangrove Forest, Perak
PO0001EO The evaluation of toluene and acetone exposure affecting work ability among toll collectors at tolling stations in Bangkok
PO0002EO Safety behavior of migrant pregnant labors at work in Samutsakorn Province, Thailand
PO0003EO The evaluation of toluene and xylene exposure, exhaled nitric oxide and symptoms among traffic policemen in Eastern Region, Thailand
PO0007EO Quality of drinking water and utilization: a census from chronic kidney disease prone community in rural Sri Lanka
PO0008EO Job satisfaction and occupational stress: comparison among surface ship personnel and submariners of the Royal Navy
PO0010EO Effects of hOGG1 gene polymorphisms on genetic damage induced by chromate
PO0011EO A study on the way of wide area cooperation under a situation of population decline in Japan – cooperation on garbage disposal facilities aimed at securing urban environment in Tochigi Prefecture
PO0013EO A study on maintenance method of public housing – focusing on the center city area and suburban area in provincial town
PO0015EO Association between night shift work and abnormal fasting plasma glucose among workers in two large organizations in Bangkok, Thailand
PO0016EO Association between occupation category and cancer in Taiwan through hierarchical generalized linear modeling and data mining
PO0021EO Influence of job related factors on occupation health related issues among Jaffna Municipal Council (JMC) workers in Sri Lanka
PO0022EO Assessment of occupational health and safety conditions of health care workers in barangay health centers in a selected city in metro Manila
PO0024EO National awareness toward occupational health and safety of major companies in the Republic of Korea
PO0026EO Quality of life and coping strategies among house officers in Kelantan
PO0029EO Occupational hazard and injury occurrences among food services employees in the hotel industry in Kota Kinabalu
PO0030EO Assessment of forestry worker hydration status in Matang Mangrove Forest, Perak
PO0032EO The impact of meteorological and environmental factors on daily asthma emergency room admissions of children in Seoul, Korea
Health Promotion (HP)
OR0001HP Effect of community-based nursing intervention of postpartum practices of “doing the month” in Chinese postpartum women on maternal physical and psychological health
OR0002HP The community-based anti-frailty program of New Taipei City, Taiwan- Information and Communications Technology of F4A Cloud
OR0003HP Effect of internet plus intervention model on breastfeeding outcomes: a meta-analysis
OR0005HP Validation of the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills (IMB) Model of self-care behaviors among Chinese patients with CHD
OR0007HP Family-centered care for hospitalized preterm infants: a systematic review and meta-analysis
OR0008HP The association of fruit and vegetable consumption with changes in weight and body mass index in Chinese adults: a cohort study
OR0009HP Bibliometric analysis of patient navigation model applied in colorectal cancer care based on Web of Science
OR0010HP Level of health literacy and factors associated with it among school teachers in an Education Zone in Colombo, Sri Lanka
OR0011HP Correlates of objectively-measured sedentary behaviour in Singaporean adults
OR0013HP ToyBox Study Malaysia: feasibility of adapting a European obesity prevention programme for Malaysian preschoolers
OR0014HP Ethnic differences in body dissatisfaction and relating factors between Japanese and Malaysian Chinese females
OR0015HP Health promotion: participation motives among Borneo marathon runners
PO0001HP Obesity prevention and weight management plan for Taoyuan City
PO0005HP Parenting style based on mother’s personal mastery and mother-infant’s attachment in children’s feeding disorders
PO0006HP Health-promoting behaviors of middle-aged and older Japanese staying long in Philippines and Thailand
PO0007HP Relationship between the specific medical checkup, the health promotion lifestyle, the health literacy and the social capital
PO0010HP ToyBox study Malaysia: an exploratory study of physical activity habits among mothers and their preschool child in Klang Valley, Malaysia
PO0015HP Normal weight obesity is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome in Korean adults – a five-year longitudinal health checkup study
PO0017HP Frontline staff motivation levels and health care quality in rural and urban primary health facilities: a baseline study in the Greater Accra and Western regions of Ghana
PO0018HP Perspective of hospital’s public health orientation: a literature review
PO0019HP Physical activity and its related factors of Japanese, at middle and older age, staying in the Asian area: survey in Philippines and Thailand
PO0020HP Improving plastic waste management in rural China: randomised evaluation of long-term effects of threat and efficacy messages for village households
PO0021HP ToyBox Study Malaysia: Kindergartens’ readiness for the implementation of an obesity prevention programme
PO0022HP Implications for developing countries of Thailand’s basic level health education
PO0024HP Industrial and occupational categories and anxiety symptoms: a cross-sectional study
PO0026HP The challenges of healthy city implementation in Banjar, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
PO0029HP Community health promotion: investigating cycling motivation
Infectious Diseases (ID)
OR0001ID Out-of-pocket and catastrophic health expenditures among hepatitis C patients: results from a middle-income Asian country
OR0003ID In silico identification of specific genetic markers for Mycobacterium tuberculosis
OR0004ID Plasmodium knowlesi in humans: a vector control challenge in public health
OR0005ID Viral hepatitis incidence change influenced by alternative disease prevention strategies
OR0007ID Study on adherence to antiretroviral therapy and its associated factors among people living with HIV/AIDS in Wuhan City
OR0008ID The effects of meteorological factors on bacterial intestinal infectious disease related to emergency room visits in Seoul, South Korea
OR0009ID Factors associated with treatment outcome of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in the Philippines
OR0010ID Detection of Salmonella enterica in retail chicken eggs from a selected public market in the City of Manila
OR0011ID Analysis of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) policies in Singapore based on experts’ perspectives: a qualitative study
OR0013ID Analysis of influencing factors of AIDS in Africa
OR0015ID Effects of stigmatization on compliance to general healthcare seeking behaviour among people living with HIV in Kuala Lumpur
OR0017ID Short-term effect of air pollution on tuberculosis based on Kriged data: a time-series analysis
OR0018ID Uncovering the epidemiological changes of measles infections in Southern China: a retrospective data analysis
OR0019ID Knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) of rabies prevention in a new canine rabies positive locality in Julau, Sarikei, Sarawak
OR0020ID Unsafe sexual behaviour and substance abused among HIV positive men who have sex with men in Sabah
OR0021ID Risk factors of outbreak investigation of Influenza A/H1N1 (2009) in a training unit camp, Yasothon Province, Thailand
OR0022ID Determinants of seasonal influenza vaccination in children: the role of the parents’ vaccination status and health belief
OR0024ID Community contribution to tuberculosis care: a qualitative study in the Krachi West District of Ghana
OR0025ID Influence of selected factors on knowledge and practices on prevention of infectious water borne diseases among grade-10 students in Mannar education zone in Sri Lanka
OR0026ID Cloning and expression of lactate dehydrogenase from Plasmodium knowlesi for anti-malarial drug development
OR0027ID Escalating the rapid diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in Sabah by using molecular diagnostic tool
OR0028ID Oral health status in association with CD4 counts in children living with HIV in Phnom Penh
PO0001ID Adherence to the artemisinin-based combination therapy in a rural area of Savannakhet province in Laos
PO0002ID A spatial analysis of tuberculosis incidence and socio-environmental risk determinants in Medan, Indonesia
PO0003ID Acceptability of recommended guidelines regarding HIV-positive healthcare workers by resident doctors in a selected public tertiary hospital in Manila
PO0004ID Macaca fascicularis and simian malaria parasites: how far is their relationship?
PO0005ID Molecular characterization of dengue virus from Sandakan and Kudat, Sabah
PO0006ID Molecular epidemiology of mumps virus outbreak among medical students in Malaysia
PO0007ID Serology and serotyping of dengue outbreak in Kudat, Sabah Malaysia (2016-17)
PO0009ID Incidence of concurrent infection of multiple serotypes in patients with dengue from a tertiary care hospital in Sabah, Malaysia
PO0012ID Epidemiologic characteristic of human Middle East respiratory syndrome in Saudi Arabia, 2015-2017
PO0014ID Burden of infectious diseases in Malaysia, 2014
PO0015ID Sexually transmitted infections among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in Sabah
PO0016ID Spatial–temporal patterns of dengue cases in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Malaysia, 2014-2016
PO0017ID Assessing the need for national deworming program to reduce morbidity of soil transmitted helminthiases
PO0019ID Tuberculosis in Melaka from 2011-2015: situational analysis
PO0020ID The diagnostic utility of GeneXpert MTB/RIF® in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) among HIV–infected prisoners in Malaysia
PO0022ID Assessment of nurses’ confidence for shifting the task of following up ART patients to primary care facilities, after training program in Chiang Mai, Thailand
PO0023ID Current perspective and emerging trends in health care associated infections (HAI) Clostridium difficile
PO0024ID Risk factors for tuberculin skin test positive in Pulau Gaya
PO0025ID Immunohistochemical evaluation of protection provided by VCUSM21P vaccine
PO0026ID Innovation of TB control through understanding of social-cultural environmental factors in high risk population in Kota Kinabalu , Sabah
PO0027ID Demographic and clinical characteristics of mortality cases among TB patients in upper interior region of Sabah
PO0028ID Hepatitis B and hepatitis C screening among high risk groups: a systematic review
PO0029ID Effectiveness of Malaysian Autocidal Trap (MyMAT) as a tool to control Aedes mosquitoes in Taman Ayer Keroh Heights, Malacca
PO0030ID The government’s state budget role in determining TB-MDR treatment’s success in Indonesia: a literature review
PO0031ID Potential typhus vectors from wildlife hosts in the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Sabah
PO0034ID Seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori Infection in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
PO0035ID Evaluation of commercial real time PCR assay kit (abTESTTM Malaria 5 qPCR II) for detecting Plasmodium knowlesi
Indigenous Health (IH)
PO0001IH Uses of zingiberaceae in the indigenous health
PO0002IH Plants used by the Bugis women for health: case study among border community in the Sebatik Island
PO0003IH General perception of TCM among Year 1 Medical Students in UMS
Injury Prevention and Road Safety (IP)
OR0001IP Effects of a soccer exercise protocol on ankle during a single legged jump landing task
OR0002IP Public perception and sociodemographic predictors of urban of transport safety: cross-sectional study after a 2017 urban underground metro fire in the Chinese metropolis
PO0002IP Incidence of fatal road transportation accidents in Kota Kinabalu from 2009 to 2011
PO0004IP The reason behind shuttle drivers’ speeding behaviour
PO0005IP External factors influencing non-seat belt usage behavior on public minibus ‘angkot’ drivers in Bandung, Indonesia
Public Health Law and Ethics (LE)
PO0001LE Regulatory framework development on health professionals in Cambodia and Vietnam
PO0002LE An analysis of the ethics of clinical trials on human subjects
Mental Health (MH)
OR0002MH From perceived stigma to depression among HIV-infected men who have sex with men in Nanjing, China: a structural equation model
OR0004MH Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) intervention to improve the mental health of caregivers of dependent elderly in the community: a systematic review protocol
OR0007MH Post-traumatic stress disorder and it associated factors among people living with HIV in Wuhan city
OR0008MH Health literacy of teachers on the recognition and referral of students with depression and suicidal behavior in selected high schools in Manila
OR0009MH Association between pain symptoms and minor depressive disorders from a nationwide dataset analysis
OR0010MH HIV disclosure patterns and its associated factors among people with HIV/AIDS
OR0011MH The depression stigma among Chinese community population – a cross-sectional survey
OR0012MH Relationship of burnout and coping skills among undergraduates of the University of the Philippines Manila
OR0014MH A study on the influencing factors of anxiety and depression in hospitalized patients
OR0015MH A qualitative study on the role of school psychosocial environment on the suicidal ideation and behaviors of Filipino adolescents enrolled in the Department of Education’s Alternative Learning System
PO0004MH Mental health of college students in Northern Thailand
PO0005MH Mortality in partners with functional disability among elderly Japanese: the Ohsaki Cohort 2006 Study
PO0007MH Psychoanalysis on interdisciplinary referral in hospital setting: what does a hospital manager need to know?
PO0009MH Social capital and mental health in pregnancy, Sri Lanka
PO0010MH Psychosocial distress and associated factors among women of reproductive age (15 years to 49 years) in northern part of Sri Lanka
PO0011MH Factors influencing for stress in stroke’s patients, Nakhon Phanom Province, Thailand
PO0012MH The changes in the fathers’ awareness about their schizophrenic sons
PO0015MH Understanding barriers to seek professional help for mental health problems among adolescents: a qualitative study
PO0016MH A focus group pilot study of awareness of mental health problems among Malaysian youth
PO0017MH The stressor analysis of pulmonary tbc patient’s families measured by confirmatory factor analysis
PO0018MH Being resilient in rural community: lessons learned from earthquake
PO0019MH Development of a model of shared decision making suitable for the Malaysian psychiatric setting
PO0021MH Mental health and well-being of university students in Okinawa
Migration and Health (MI)
OR0001MI Refugee’s health needs in South East Asia: health systems responses and challenges
OR0002MI The second child bearing willingness and its influencing factors among migrants under the universal two-child policy in China
OR0004MI Achieving equity in health care in a diverse society – empirical insights from Germany on challenges and solutions
OR0006MI Knowledge regarding common communicable diseases among tourists visiting Sri Lanka
OR0007MI Factors associated with perceived risk and knowledge of HIV among international students studying in Japanese language schools in Tokyo
OR0008MI Use of medical interpreter services and understanding of doctor’s consultation among immigrants from Philippines, Nepal, and Vietnam with limited Japanese proficiency in Kanto area, Japan
PO0002MI Applying the [4P MODEL] to immigrant service
PO0003MI Analysis on the utilization of health services for internal migrants in Hubei, China
PO0004MI Toward improving access to HIV testing and treatment among non-Japanese residents in Japan: the result of the seminar for producing medical interpreters functional for HIV infections
Maternal and Child Health/Reproductive Health/Women’s Health (MR)
OR0001MR Comparing a telephone- and a group-delivered diabetes prevention program: characteristics of engaged and non-engaged postpartum mothers with a history of gestational diabetes
OR0002MR Meta-analysis of the effects of delayed cord clamping in preterm infants
OR0008MR Parental decision-making on human papillomavirus vaccination for daughters in Japan
OR0009MR Prevalence and intensity of soil-transmitted helminthiasis among pregnant women in Tanza, Cavite
OR0010MR The continuity of breastfeeding behaviour in consecutive offspring: a systematic review
OR0012MR Effects of physical exercise during pregnancy on maternal and offspring outcomes in overweight and obese pregnant women: a meta-analysis
OR0015MR Associations between mother’s antenatal care uptake and newborn’s complications: a cross-sectional study in Cambodia
OR0017MR Analysis on association rules of different domains for preschoolers’ neuropsychological development
OR0019MR The comparison of quality of life among second-baby advanced maternal age puerperal and non-advanced maternal age puerperal
OR0020MR Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues: voices of young people in Sabah, East Malaysia
OR0022MR A survey of obstetrical service ability in our city after the implementation of comprehensive two-child policy
OR0023MR Child discipline in Malaysia and factors associated with violent disciplinary methods: findings from NHMS 2016
OR0025MR Current situation and influencing factors of maternal breastfeeding self-efficacy
OR0026MR The association between sleep quality and pregnancy stress in pregnant women
OR0027MR The association between off-hours delivery and severe maternal morbidity: a population-based cohort study
OR0028MR Association between pregnancy exposure to air pollution and childhood asthma or wheezing: a systematic review and meta-analysis
OR0029MR Associations of urinary polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with age at natural menopause in U.S. women aged 35-65, NHANES 2003-2012
OR0030MR Diet quality and its contribution towards bone resorption among postmenopausal Chinese women in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor
OR0033MR Routine antenatal care might not be good enough to prevent anemia in pregnancy: the need for improved maternal care
OR0036MR Caregivers’ preferences of health services upon childhood diarrhea in Kandal, Cambodia
OR0037MR Factors adversely associated with breastfeeding among obese mothers in Malaysia
PO0001MR Knowledge and attitudes affecting teenage pregnancy of parents with children aged 10 to 18 in selected barangays in Manila City
PO0003MR Report on HPV vaccination in middle school girls in Taoyuan City and pap smear tests in their mothers in 2016
PO0006MR Parents’ lived experience with preterm infants before transition from hospital to home: a qualitative study
PO0008MR Knowledge and awareness of cervical cancer screening among women and their spouses in Kudat, Sabah
PO0010MR Adverse birth outcome and air pollution – a brief pathophysiology
PO0011MR Identifying risk factors for carcinoma of breast in UMS students
PO0013MR Meta-analysis of psycho-education in reducing childbirth fear in pregnant women
PO0015MR A review of cultural influence on maternal near miss in the developing world
PO0016MR Methodology for an assessment of risk of iodine deficiency among pregnant women in Sarawak: a cross-sectional study
PO0018MR Factors influencing the implementation of prenatal classroom programs in improving early detection of high risk of pregnancy
PO0020MR Perceptions of Filipina mothers regarding breastfeeding in public
PO0021MR Mlijo (vegetables itinerant lady) as hunters of high risk pregnant woman Sempu, Banyuwangi, East Java in order to actualize zero AKI
PO0024MR Low birth weight (LBW) and its associated factors in Malaysia: a part of nutrition landscape analysis
PO0025MR Proportion, knowledge, attitudes and correlates of advanced maternal age among pregnant women, attending antenatal clinics in the Colombo Municipal area
PO0027MR The effect of internal locus of control and adherence using Poedji Rochjati Score Card (PRSC) for detection of preeclampsia on midwifery performance
PO0028MR Local wisdom application: turmeric as the topical excretion accelerate the initial time of breast milk excretion
PO0029MR Research on the construction and application of maternal and child health manual APP mobile platform
PO0030MR Relationships between mental health, nutrient intake and menstruation of nursing students
PO0033MR There is a living soul in my immature womb: why and what is the outcome?
PO0035MR Trends in birth defect incidence after the cessation of the one child policy: hospital based data analysis in Zhejiang Province, China
PO0036MR Beliefs and factors affecting teenage pregnancy as perceived by parents with children aged 10 to 18 in selected barangays in Manila City
PO0039MR Predictors of the emotion parenting practice among pre-schoolers’ parents in Selangor, Malaysia
PO0040MR How different sources of social support relate to sense of coherence among Japanese mothers of children with disabilities
PO0041MR Relationship between depressive tendency and resilience among women three months postpartum
PO0042MR Male partner involvement in skilled delivery care at the North Dayi District of Ghana: a qualitative study
PO0043MR Who decides women’s use of maternal healthcare services in Rufisque, Senegal? – a quantitative and qualitative study
PO0044MR Analysis of antenatal care experiences among 15-49 years old women in Dakar, Senegal
PO0046MR Is the place of delivery associated with mother’s satisfaction with childbirth? – a cross-sectional study in a rural district of the Lao PDR
PO0049MR Developing a scale to evaluate how well mothers with infants build relationships with people in their communities
PO0058MR Intention to breastfeed: the role of social support
PO0059MR Antenatal knowledge among married women in Sikuati, Kudat, Malaysia
PO0060MR Relationship of central obesity with menstrual cycle irregularity on preclinical students of Faculty of Medicine, Pattimura University in 2017
PO0061MR The distance, alternative modes of transportation and the decision-making time to health facilities for the poor mother in remote area: a case study in Central Sumba District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia
PO0064MR Midwives’ knowledge, attitude and practice towards umbilical cord blood donation in a Chinese population
Non-Communicable Diseases (NC)
OR0001NC Colorectal cancer mortality trends in China between 2002 and 2016: an age-period-cohort analysis and a join-point regression analysis
OR0002NC Need for health education on non-communicable diseases for pregnant women: a cross-sectional study in Myanmar
OR0003NC Factors associated with diabetes mellitus among Maldivian adults
OR0004NC Association between fruit and vegetable intake and the risk of hypertension among Chinese adults: a longitudinal study
OR0007NC The burden of cancer in Korea from 2007 to 2015
OR0008NC The epigenetic modification mechanism of DANCR action in non-small cell lung cancer
OR0009NC Incidence, management, center caseload and survival of biliary atresia in Korea: a nationwide population-based study
OR0010NC Colonoscopy identified polyp clinical-pathological characteristics and related risk factors in a Chinese patient’s cohort
OR0011NC Study of family crisis of stroke patients based on FAAR model
OR0013NC The impact of sociodemographic factors on the quality of life of hemodialysis patients in Sarawak
OR0015NC Spatial changes in PM2.5 and the associated mortality burden in China between 2015 and 2016
OR0016NC Universal health coverage in the Maldives: pilot study on type II diabetics using big data analytics methodology
OR0017NC Correlation between mammographic breast density and breast cancer characteristics
OR0018NC Homozygous wildtype of rs174547 polymorphism in FADS1 gene is associated with dyslipidemia in Malaysian vegetarians
OR0019NC Diagnostic agreement between DSM IV and V criteria of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bangladeshi context
OR0020NC Parental practices and obesity-related behaviours among children with intellectual disability
PO0001NC Research to DALYs of Stroke in China: indicate the main risk factors of stroke
PO0002NC The Chinese version of the Self-Care of Coronary Heart Disease Inventory (SC-CHDI): translation and validation
PO0003NC Identifying risk factors for metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in adolescents
PO0009NC Factors associated with medication adherence among patients with type II diabetes mellitus in the poor urban areas of Cambodia: a cross-sectional study
PO0010NC Prevalence, selected associated factors, and productivity loss due to migraine among medical students of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
PO0011NC Challenges of kidney transplantation in Malaysia: key informants’ perspective
PO0012NC Sex-specific relationship between serum uric acid and risk of renal progression and chronic kidney disease
PO0013NC Predicting 24-hour sodium intake among Malaysia population using spot urine sodium excretion
PO0015NC Consumption of foods with different levels of glycaemic index foods among elderly with and without diabetes mellitus in Surabaya, Indonesia
PO0018NC Is miR-206/133b cluster a weapon against lung cancer?
PO0022NC Perception towards people with disability among the community in suburban Ipoh, Perak
PO0023NC One nation to halt hypertension: addressing hypertension one community at a time
PO0025NC Factors influencing diabetes self-care behavior among adults with type 2 diabetes in rural area, Jember, Indonesia
PO0026NC Optimal classification and regression tree analysis on coronary heart disease
PO0028NC Metabolic syndrome with primary infertility – a case report
PO0029NC Predictors of knowledge, attitude and acceptability of colorectal cancer screening among insured workers in Kuantan District, Pahang, Malaysia
PO0030NC Prevalence of overweight/obesity and its associated factors among university students in Sabah, Malaysia
Nutrition and Food Safety (NF)
OR0001NF Health literacy and fruit and vegetable intake in a large rural area in Victoria, Australia
OR0003NF Association of dietary diversity score with anemia status among non-pregnant women in Barangay 145, Sto. Niño, Pasay City
OR0005NF Prevalence of undernutrition and its associated risk factors among children under-5 years in Tenom, Sabah
OR0006NF Eating Frequency is not associated with obesity in Chinese adults
OR0008NF Relationship between food consumption pattern, nutritional status, and physical fitness among football athletes
PO0002NF Salt intake in the Malaysian population: methodology of the Malaysian community salt survey 2017 – 2018 (MyCoSS)
PO0003NF Evaluation of irradiated cooked rice as ambient storable food through nutritional analyses and shelf life determination
PO0004NF High sodium intake and its relationship with body mass index (BMI) of the Malaysian adults: findings from Malaysian Community Salt Survey (MyCoSS) 2017-2018
PO0005NF Factors associated with high sodium intake among Malaysian adults: findings from Malaysian Community Salt Survey (MyCoss) 2017-2018
PO0006NF Knowledge, attitude and practice towards salt intake by gender and education level: result from Malaysian Community Salt Study (MyCoSS)
PO0007NF Nutrition and food safety knowledge among food handlers in Samarahan Division
PO0008NF Relationship between high blood pressure and anthropometric indices in Malaysia: findings from MyCoSS Study
PO0009NF Glycaemic response to fruit (papaya) consumed before and after a carbohydrate rich food (white bread)
PO0010NF Body image perception and its association with nutritional status and physical activity
PO0011NF The relationship between knowledge and family income of chronic energy deficiency on pregnancy in Buhu Health Center, Gorontalo Regency
PO0012NF Effect of Morinda citrifolia extract on cytokine IL-6 and TNF-α in white rats Wistar strain induced pirazinamide, levofloxacin and etambutol
Others (OT)
OR0002OT Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of university students in the City of Manila, Philippines, on voluntary blood donation
OR0004OT The local wisdom perception of Dayak Ngaju communities on malaria disease in Gunung Mas District, Central Kalimantan Province
OR0005OT Research on the team construction of China Medical Team – China Medical Team in Zambia as example
OR0007OT Implementation of lean thinking in healthcare services: why is it importance?
OR0008OT Life experiences of Maldivian thalassaemia carriers who received erroneous thalassaemia screening results and had children
OR0009OT Ribosome profiling reveals translatome remodeling in human brunchial epithelial cells induced by short-term exposure to zinc oxide nanoparticles
OR0012OT A study of acute physiological and chronic health evaluation (APACHE) index in critically ill patients in hospitals located in Mangalore, Karnataka and Kannur, Kerala, India
OR0013OT YouTube: A people-based potential for breastfeeding promotion
PO0005OT Pre-implementation assessment of healthcare providers’ perception on Enhanced Primary Healthcare (EnPHC)
PO0006OT Are Malaysian house officers responsive?
PO0008OT A national health survey instrument: refinement methods
PO0009OT Current status of artemisinin resistance in Malaysia: a preliminary study
PO0010OT Creating a community medication safety network based on community care sites
PO0014OT Predicting the occurrence of patients with conjunctivitis in Korea using Google Trends
PO0015OT Correlates of the willingness of university students in the City of Manila (Philippines) to participate in voluntary blood donation
PO0016OT The actual state of symbiotic community and common spaces in multigenerational symbiosis housing
PO0017OT Structural and functional analysis of small heat shock protein from Antarctic yeast for therapeutic intervention against human diseases
PO0018OT Aedes aegypti vulnerability status of insecticide in the province of Southeast West Nusa
PO0020OT Role of Socio-demography, lifestyle and use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) on cognition in patients suffering from Parkinson disease
PO0024OT Introducing 3D printing technology in prosthetics healthcare system in post-conflict region in Sri Lanka
PO0025OT An assessment of the use of rotary wing aircraft for primary and medical emergency care service – Sabah state experience
PO0026OT Phytochemical constituents, antioxidant activity and antibacterial activity of Alpinia galangal and Kaempferia galangal for therapeutic intervention against human diseases
PO0027OT Treatment seeking behaviour among male government employees in Kelantan: a preliminary finding
PO0029OT Seasonal dermatoses
Health Policy and Economics (PE)
OR0001PE The factors associated with efficiency of district health centres in Malaysia: using DEA method
OR0003PE Awareness of the role of general practitioners in primary care among outpatient populations: evidence from a cross-sectional survey of tertiary hospitals in China
OR0005PE Knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to the establishment of the National Hierarchical Medical System (NHMS) among outpatients in Chinese tertiary hospitals
OR0006PE The productive efficiency of township hospitals in Hubei, China
OR0007PE Socio-economic determinants of unmet healthcare needs in Korea
OR0008PE Trends of years of life lost in South Korea
PO0001PE Visualizing the burden of disease and injury in Malaysia
PO0002PE Estimating cost-effectiveness of pneumococcal vaccine among Malaysian Hajj pilgrims
PO0004PE Strategy to improve cancer screening notification in Taipei City
PO0007PE The influence of leadership, organizational climate and workplace culture on nurses’ professional behavior
PO0011PE Acceptability of the WHO “Best Buys” for reducing harmful drinking and perceived consequences among Hong Kong adults: a population-based study
PO0012PE Forecasting estimation of the effect of population inducement by the location normalization plan for efficient supply of social services
PO0016PE The needs of nighttime childcare – a case of Utsunomiya City
PO0017PE Acceptability of the WHO “Best Buys” and perceived effects on own drinking among Hong Kong adults: a population-based study
PO0018PE Total direct cost of managing dengue inpatients at Sarawak general hospital from the providers’ perspective
Rural and Island Health (RI)
OR0001RI Applying a social practice lens to understand the practice of separate collection of plastic waste among ethnic minority group in rural China
OR0002RI Medical volunteerism from the lenses of clinicians: the challenges and the potential solutions
PO0001RI Accessibility of health care utilization in rural areas of Sabah
PO0002RI Long term impact of health and disaster risk education in remote ethnic minority of rural China: the case of an earthquake-prone village in Sichuan
PO0003RI ORS intervention as secondary prevention against diarrhoea complications in remote ethnic minority areas of rural China
Tobacco Control (TC)
OR0001TC Factors associated with failure to quit at public Quit Smoking clinics in Malaysia
OR0002TC Identifying chemical constituents in the rate of cigarettes burn using regression analysis
OR0003TC Smoking at worship places: compliance to the smoke-free law at worship places in Bali Indonesia 3 years after implementation
OR0005TC Pulmonary tuberculosis and subsequent lung cancer risk among smokers and non-smokers: a nationwide population-based longitudinal cohort study in Korea
PO0001TC Prevalence and associated factors of second-hand smoke exposure among non-smoking school-going adolescents in Malaysia
PO0002TC Factors influencing tobacco smoking among villagers in Sikuati, Kudat, Sabah
PO0003TC Experiences and effectiveness of implementing WHO MPOWER tobacco control strategy in Taipei City
PO0004TC Smoking behavior based on stages of transtheoretical model among college smokers in Selangor
PO0005TC The association of electronic vapor product use and conventional cigarette smoking with Korean adolescents’ oral health
Universal Health Coverage (UC)
OR0001UC Improving service delivery and utilization for marginalized populations in Taiwan
OR0002UC Assessing the impact of community engagement interventions on health worker motivation and experiences with clients in primary health facilities in Ghana: a randomized cluster trial
OR0003UC Universal health coverage and early life nutrition
PO0001UC To pay or not to pay
PO0002UC Identifying universal health coverage research priorities for Malaysia
PO0003UC Promoting a diabetes mellitus shared care network in Taoyuan City
PO0007UC Cluster hospital HTAN: enhanced ophthalmological services closer to home
PO0008UC Sharia view and participation in Indonesia national health insurance (JKN)
PO0010UC Iodine deficiency disorder cases identified from the Maldives
PO0012UC Health status of a population in Malaysia with high poverty rate: a review